Sustainable Benefits Plans

If you design your benefits plans with an eye to the future, you can maximize employee satisfaction and keep costs under control.  That’s what makes our plans reliable, predictable and sustainable.

Satisfied People

We treat agents, clients and their employees the way we would like to be treated:

  • Real people answering the phone, with everything they need to help

  • Claims paid within hours, literally, on the same business day

  • Payments directly to providers, or direct deposited to employees’ bank accounts if they wish.  Or we send them a check, if they prefer.

  • If we can’t pay a claim, we don’t just send the employee a letter: we call them and try to fix the problem so that we CAN pay it, if possible.

  • Ease of use and simplicity.  We minimize paperwork and keep our online reporting, claims, and information systems easy to navigate.

Call Us For A Free Consultation!

(800) 570-3757

We will review your current plan with you, and help you and your agent explore the best choices for the future.

Real People With Real Answers

Real People With Real Answers

When you call AHR, you won’t get routed around by an automated phone system. The phone will be answered by a professional who has instant access to everything needed to give you answers and solutions.

Real Time Information & Reporting

Real Time Information & Reporting

Employers and employees can call AHR or log in to our website and get up to the second information on anything they need to know about their health plan.