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We will not administer a plan that we know is not in the best interests of a client. That’s why we don’t offer debit cards or checkbooks; neither are compatible with good benefits plan design.


AHR is known for providing the highest levels of client care in the industry. Our personalized ‘concierge’ service is a hybrid of advanced technology that identifies the most competitive overall plans, and the human touch of expert benefits advocates to help each employee have a satisfying experience with their benefits.


Vision speaks to what we want for our agents, clients and their employees:

Effective, sustainable multi-year strategies to reduce benefits costs and increase employee satisfaction.

Our Purpose

AHR takes MORE care of small and mid-size employers than any other benefits company. With an unparalleled track record of customer care that stretches more than two decades, we offer customized employee benefits, based on the industry’s leading analysis tools and decades of expertise. That’s how we help independent insurance agents and clients design and implement their optimal benefits packages, to maximize employee satisfaction and plan sustainability.

We're People Who Can Help You

AHR is a benefits strategy and administration company.  We help agents and employers provide employee benefits that remain affordable and are satisfying to employees.  In these days of rapidly escalating costs and dwindling choice, that doesn’t happen automatically.  It requires strategic, long term thinking and smart, considerate administration.  And that’s what we provide.  Founded in 1990, AHR was active in the formulation of the original MSA legislation and was one of the first to offer tax qualified savings accounts in the U.S.  We’ve been on the forefront ever since then, custom designing and administering the most effective and innovative benefit plans available.

Know Us By The Company We Keep

AHR has relationships with some of the finest financial institutions in the U.S. Companies like BMO Harris, Fidelity, Vanguard, American Chartered, Inland Bank and more.  With AHR, you know you are getting ‘best in class’ security.

Experts In Employee Benefits

At AHR, we know that the most appealing, effective and sustainable benefits plan is easy to understand, easy to use, and is designed to remain cost-effective, year after year.  That is what we strive to provide for every client, every employee, and every broker.

Got Questions?

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