Better Benefits Means

Better For Your Clients,

Better For Their Employees,

Better For You, Their Broker.

  • Enhanced Income

    Our “Set your Own Commission” approach means that you set your PMPM commissions on each case. Plus, you get 2 revenue streams: your insurance commissions, and AHR commissions. You can earn more on each case than you could by selling group health insurance.

  • Cross Selling

    One-on-one time with each employee means you get to present all of the products you sell, including voluntary, financial planning and P&C.

  • Eliminate BOR Risk

    Your commissions from AHR are by contract and can’t be assigned without your approval.  And it’s virtually impossible for a competing broker to get BOR reassignments on each employee’s individual policies.

  • Easy Renewals

    Renewals are incredibly simple and efficient.  Just meet with the employer to adjust Benefit Savings Account deposit amounts as may be needed, and that’s it!

Committed To Clients

And You

AHR takes more care of small and mid-market clients than any other provider. By offering better benefits through a personalized ‘concierge’ benefits experience, that includes a unique combination of technology innovation (AHR Personal Benefits Plan analysis tools), expert advice (from specially trained independent insurance brokers) and dedicated customer service.  This gives our clients the freedom to choose the most competitive and hassle-free benefits plan for them and their employees. We’ve been helping employers for over 20 years, and our passion is making benefits simple, pleasant and easy for both you and your employees.

AHR also takes more care of our brokers.  We give you personal support, let you set your own compensation, pay it promptly, do our best to help you find new clients, and we never compete with the broker community.  Your clients are your clients.  We are here to serve them, and you.

We Can Provide
The Following To Your Clients

And Guidance

  • Determine how much to provide for each employee, given each persons’ individual circumstances, while maintaining HIPAA compliance & financial confidentiality
  • Implementation and Support
  • Educate & help each employee pick their optimal individual insurance coverage
  • Manage new enrollments, changes, and terminations moving forward
  • Help you rebalance your benefits budget at plan renewal dates


  • The rules for employee benefits are complex
  • The penalties for noncompliance are severe and very expensive.


  • Complete plan administration & management, including all of the accounts you want: the Benefits Savings Accounts, as well as HSAs and/or FSAs if you need them.
  • Monitor employee enrollment and expenses to ensure that your benefits budget remains appropriate.

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