Switching From Group to Individual Policies Is Simple & Easy.

Switching from group to individual policies is just another way to provide employee benefits. We call it a Personal Benefits Plan (PBP). AHR gives each employee their own Benefits Savings Account, that is funded by the employer. This Benefits Savings Account may be used by the employee to buy whatever individual health insurance and other benefits they want and need. The employer sets the budget and lets each employee choose their own health benefits package. It’s that simple!

We Provide A Strategic
Benefits Plan

A Strategic Benefits Plan:

Switching from group to individual policies is a benefits strategy, based on current costs, each employees’ actual wants and needs, availability of subsidies, individual insurance premiums, real effective tax rates, actual medical expenditures and alternative coverage options.
  • Precision Planning

    This is not a ‘shot in the dark’ based on individual insurance premiums. It is a carefully constructed strategic plan to support recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction.

  • Better Benefits

    This plan gives you a true apples to apples cost comparison between group health and Personal Benefits Plans (PBP), for both employer and employees.

  • Flexibility

    The plan is scalable, depending on the benefits philosophy & budget of the company.

A Benefits Savings Account for each employee

Each employee will use their Benefits Savings Account to pay for the benefits they select. They can access this online account whenever they wish, and the funds will be direct deposited into their checking account by the next business day.


How to set up and track PBP compensation in Quickbooks, etc.

Free ECP and/or HSAs

Employee Care Plus or Health Savings Accounts are frequently important parts of a Personal Benefits Plan, because they improve morale, productivity and save on taxes.


  • Help employees understand health plans (networks, co-pays, deductibles, etc.)
  • Individual-needs analysis
  • Identify and show them plans that match their needs
  • Help them with enrollment changes, additions, terminations, etc.
  • Expert medical bill review and support: help them understand EOBs and bills, help them reverse denied claims, ensure they are not being overcharged, discounts are applied correctly, eliminate unbundling, upcoding or duplicate billing.
  • “Ombudsman” services: help them resolve any disputes with their insurance company


To keep you current and in compliance with new benefits laws and regulations.

Free Wellness Planning

Wellness cuts down on sick days and absenteeism, and is one of the most important benefits you can provide to your employees.

Plan Management

Assistance with terminations, new hires, enrollment changes, annual PBP plan rebalancing.

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