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Not Just Talking The Talk, We Are Walking The Walk

Not Just Talking The Talk, We Are Walking The Walk

Not just talking the talk, walking the walk!

AHR is getting healthy!  We’ve adopted the Vitality program for our own employees! 

It all started with our collaboration with Vitality to offer new wellness incentive based HRA and HSA plans, that provide richer benefits as people take steps to improve their health.  AHR employees liked it so much that they wanted the program for themselves, so we enrolled!  And then, someone suggested that if we re-organized our file room a bit, we would have space for some exercise equipment, and employees could get some exercise before or after work, or during lunch! 

It’s really not that difficult or expensive to create an environment that fosters health.  And it’s so much easier for working fathers and mothers to stay healthy if they can take an exercise break at work.  Everyone is engaged, everyone is improving and morale has never been higher!

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