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How To Cut Benefits Cost Without Cutting Benefits!

How To Cut Benefits Cost Without Cutting Benefits!

AHR plans typically reduce medical claims by about 30%, compared to copay style plans.  This is because the group only pays for claims actually incurred, instead of some estimate of how much will be incurred.  When used in tandem with a level funded, captive, self-insured or even a fully funded high deductible health plan, those savings produced by AHR plans go right back to the employer. 

We’ve teamed up with some great level funded plans and captives, such as  Equinox (level-funded), and  Everlong  and Roundstone   (captives), to offer these highly effective plans.  Please click their links to learn more about their focus and perspective.  Regardless of the one you choose, these plans all include automatic HRA claims payment.  When a participant goes to the doctor, the claim gets routed by the TPA, after adjudication, directly to us.  We pay the provider, and notify the participant the claim has been paid.  It’s simple, efficient and easy!  To learn more about this, click here!

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