How To Switch From Group To Individual

Use Our Online Analysis Tool!

Brokers often ask us how to switch from group to individual policy solutions, and it’s easy!  Use our online analysis tool to show prospects and clients how much they can save by switching from group to individual policies.  It calculates the costs and savings for each employee’s health benefits, based on real market data and actual employee needs.

  • Based on that, advise the employer how much to deposit into each employee’s Benefits Savings Account with AHR each month.
  • Meet with each employee one-on-one to help them choose their optimal health insurance and other benefits they may want.
  • Employees use their Benefits Savings Accounts at AHR to pay for the benefits they choose.  It’s consumer-directed benefits!
  • Personal Benefits Plans are not considered a “group health plan” by the ACA, so complex ACA rules and reporting mandates are eliminated
  • Benefits Savings Account deposits are compensation, not premium reimbursement.  They can be adjusted to fit the needs of each individual employee, because there aren’t any nondiscrimination requirements.

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