The Health Matching Reimbursement Arrangement (HMRA)
is a highly effective, multi-year strategy to counteract medical inflation, reduce benefits costs and manage HRA claims risk.

A HMRA is an actuarially enhanced funding mechanism that enables employers to accumulate assets to cover HRA costs in the future. Assets grow very quickly, offsetting both medical and insurance inflation trend.

*A way for the employer to cap HRA claims costs indefinitely

*Protection against medical inflation & claims risk.

*Keeps HRA expenses within your target budget

*Priced according to actuarial principles, so assets grow very quickly.

*Once sufficient assets are built, the money can then be used to reduce claims expense each year in the future.

*Tailored to the specific needs of each employer

*Free Telemedicine, to help reduce claims expense even more!

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Medical inflation & group health insurance premiums continue to rise by 5% to 11% each year.  There is no reason to expect this to change.

Claims Risk.  What if everyone got sick and used all of their HRA funds? That’s a very scary proposition for any employer.


Add a Health Matching Reimbursement Arrangement (HMRA)

to your HRA to cover that risk & reduce your HRA claims costs indefinitely.

  • Tax Benefits

    It’s deductible to you, and tax- free to your employees!

  • Account Value Growth

    Assets accumulate very quickly, based on actuarial rates of growth.  Those assets are then used to cover HRA claims.

  • Cap your HRA Expenses

    Your HMRA can be used to cap your HRA expenses each year, making it easy to keep your benefits budget on track.

  • Ownership

    Assets are funded and owned by the employer, and can be used at any time.

  • Compliance

    HMRA’s are ERISA and HIPAA Compliant.

How It Works

Step 1

The employer deposits funds into the HMRA.

Step 2

HMRA deposits are matched according to actuarial principles.  This builds up assets to cover HRA claims, and offset the employer’s contingent liability.

Step 3

The employer sets a cap on their HRA claims expense each year, and the HMRA is used to pay HRA claims once that cap is reached.

It’s That Simple!


For a group with 20 Employees:

A $500 single, $2,000 family deductible plan, vs. HRA Plan with a HMRA

HRA Claims Risk, with and without a HMRA

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