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Level Funded Gap Plans For Groups With High Deductible Health Insurance Plan

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AHR Gap Plans are level funded ERISA plans that follow the employer’s major medical plan, providing supplemental coverage to reduce employee’s deductibles and total out of pocket expense.  Combining a high deductible policy and a gap plan can provide the same benefits as a traditional medical plan, but for a substantially lower price.

How It Works

The gap plan pays off of the underlying major medical plan’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  Payments are made directly to the provider or the participant.  It covers the same expenses as the major medical plan, including doctor’s office, medical clinic, prescription drugs and plan copayments

Plan Designs

  • Our gap plans may be written in tandem with any major medical policy, including fully funded, level funded or self-funded plans
  • Employee buy-up option: employer can offer a basic gap plan and let employees purchase richer gap coverage
  • Groups may choose from various plans, or have AHR design one specific to their needs
  • Maximum benefit amounts are determined by the group
  • AHR gap plans may be tied to wellness programs to expand benefits as employee wellness program status and health status improves

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