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How do I deposit money into my HSA?

You can make deposits through a payroll deduction or by sending a check directly to AHR.

How do I take money out of my HSA?

Just send your medical bill or insurance statement to AHR, and tell us to either pay the provider directly, or reimburse you!

What if I don't have enough money in my HSA account to cover my medical bill?

We can work out a payment plan with your provider for you. Once you approve it, we will pay them each month for you!

How do I keep track of how much money is in my HSA account?

We will send you a statement each quarter, showing your account balance and all transactions for that period. And you can call us, toll-free, during normal business hours to get your current account balance or ask questions about your account!

Are all of my family members covered by my HSA?


What happens when I turn 65?

You can use your HSA for medical expenses, tax-free, or you can take your money out at your lower, post-retirement tax rate!

Can I use my HSA to pay for health expenses not covered by my health insurance?

Absolutely! You can use your HSA to pay for any health care service or product allowed under Section 213d of the IRS code. These expenses include: Acupuncture, Braille books and magazines, Hair transplants, Birth Control pills, Dentures Laboratory fees, Dental fees, Orthodontia, Eyeglasses/Contact lenses, Electrolysis, Hospital bills, Artificial limbs, Hearing Aids, Obstetrical Expenses, Drugs/medical supplies, Nurses’ fees, Psychologist fees, Handicapped special schools, Physician fees, Ambulance, Lead-based paint removal, Alcoholism treatment, Chiropractors, Oxygen And many, many more!

What does my HRA cover?

Your HRA account was designed specifically for you by your employer. The most you can spend is shown on your balance report. This full amount is available to you immediately if you need medical care and your claim meets the specifications set by your employer. If you have any questions, ask your employer or call AHR!

Who does the money in my HRA belong to?

The money in your HRA was deposited for your benefit by your employer to pay for medical care for you. It belongs to your employer.

How do I keep track of my HRA account?

You have 24/7 access to your account on-line. And AHR will send you a balance report at the end of each calendar quarter.

What is my account number?

Your account number is your social security number.

How do I get the most out of my HRA?

Always present your health insurance ID card and have your doctor or hospital bill your insurance first. Pay special attention to in or out of network benefits, because insurance policies often restrict benefits for care received out of network.

What documentation do I need for AHR to process my claim?

Just download or send your Explanation of Benefits (from your health insurance company) to AHR, and we will reimburse you or pay your doctor directly. It’s your choice!

Do I need a claim form?

If you are submitting your claim on-line you do not need a claim form.  If you are faxing or mailing your claim you may get a claim form from your Human Resources department, on our website, or by calling AHR.

How do I know you paid my claim?

If you provide your email address, AHR will notify you the status of your claim the same day we process it.  You can also log in to our website and view all of the transactions on your account.

How long does it take to get reimbursed?

AHR processes most claims within 1 business day. If you use Direct Deposit you may be reimbursed within 48 hours! Otherwise we will mail you a check to your home address.

Where can I get more information?

Call AHR! We want you to be satisfied with your plan and look forward to serving you! (800)570-3757.

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