Why Provide Benefits This Way?

Because switching from group health to individual policies just makes sense.

Switching from group to individual policies for your employees’ health insurance makes sense because it saves money, & employees prefer it!  A Personal Benefits Plan is a great way to do it, & with our personalized ‘concierge’ approach, it’s a simple and positive benefits experience.

A Personal Benefits Plan


Switching from group to individual policies is just another way to provide employee benefits. We call it a Personal Benefits Plan (PBP). AHR gives each employee their own Benefits Savings Account, that is funded by the employer. This Benefits Savings Account may be used by the employee to buy whatever individual health insurance and other benefits they want and need. The employer sets the budget and lets each employee choose their own health benefits package. It’s that simple!

Calculate Your Savings

Employee Satisfaction
& Retention

Each employee will use their Benefits Savings Account to pay for the benefits they select. They can access this online account whenever they wish, and the funds will be direct deposited into their checking account by the next business day.

Plan Stability
& Simplicity

Once you shift to a Personal Benefits Plan, your benefits problem is solved forever.  You never have to worry about group health insurance again.

Cost Efficiency
& Effectiveness

Personal Benefits Plans are more cost efficient, and often provide insulation against insurance rate increases.  For most employers, these plans cost substantially less than group health insurance.


  • Have a pro manage your benefits. We help you set a budget, and we take care of the rest.  Benefits simplified.
  • Single Check Solution: write one check to AHR, and we pay all of the voluntary and other employee benefits for you.
  • Reduce or eliminate future rate increases.
  • Never go through the turmoil of changing health plans again!
  • Eliminate the administrative and regulatory hassles of having a group plan. No COBRA, no reporting, no worries.
  • And most important: employee satisfaction.
  • Everyone gets what he or she wants, and you no longer have to choose for them.

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