Helping employees means providing benefits plans that are simple, flexible, & give you what you want.

AHR Cares About Helping Employees – Each One Of You. That’s Why Employers Come To Us For:

Financial Strategies

Financial Strategies

Financial strategies are about keeping your benefits costs down, whether those are insurance premiums or out of pocket medical expenses. These include:
Health Reimbursement Arrangements, where your employer pays some part of your insurance deductible for you
The AHR Personal Benefits Plan, where you get to choose your own benefits package.

Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies

Tax strategies are about taking home MORE of your hard-earned take home pay. You can reduce your payroll taxes with these:
Health Savings Accounts
Flexible Spending Accounts
Dependent Care Accounts

Employee Well-being

Employee Well-being

``Life`` happens, and sometimes it isn't much fun. Well-being is about giving you the resources and assistance you may need on occasion to fix a personal problem or correct a health risk.
These include:
Employee Care Plus
Wellness Programs

Why Strategy Matters:

We want to keep you off these curves.

Employee Benefits
With a

Human Touch

Helping employees is about providing plans that are simple to understand, and being there to give them a helping hand when they need it. That’s why we have real people answering the phone, and pay claims the same business day you send them. With AHR, you never have to guess or worry about your benefits.

Caring About

When employers or brokers call us about benefits, we always think about helping employees and the impact your benefits have on you.  Our first thought is, what mix of benefits will protect you financially, but still keep your health insurance premiums down?  We always think about your optimal coverage, based on your own unique wants and needs:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Special kinds of coverage you may need
  • Keeping your insurance premiums under control
  • The insurance company you prefer

That’s the basis of intelligent, compassionate, sustainable employee benefits.  It’s health insurance with a human touch, making your benefits work for you.  


Really good employee benefits isn’t about a snazzy website or software, although we do provide both.  It’s about having a real person pick up the phone when you need to know if a claim has been paid.  Instead of having to wade through some interminable ‘automated attendant’ system.  Or having someone take the time to look over your bills and make sure you weren’t double-charged for something- the same day you ask them to do it for you.  Or answering your email immediately, not a few days later.  It’s the little things- those little touches of humanity and consideration, that make all the difference in the world.  And that’s what we do for you.

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