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It’s a Tough Market Out There.

 To win, you need to be able to provide sustainable, multi-year strategies to help your clients reduce their benefits costs and keep their employees happy.

We can help you. AHR is far more than a TPA: we are a benefits strategy company. All proven to reduce benefits costs and keep employees satisfied. With AHR, you become a Benefits Hero!

Financial Strategies

Financial Strategies

Financial strategies convert high fixed costs to lower variable costs, and cap them. They can include:
HRAs with HMRAs
Personal Benefits Plans: an individual policy solution

Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies

Tax strategies focus on using payroll tax savings to offset benefits costs, for both employers and employees.
These include:
Health Savings Accounts
Flexible Spending Accounts
Dependent Care Accounts

Employee Well-being Strategies

Employee well-being Strategies

Healthy, stress-free employees cost less and produce more. That's why an employee well-being plan is is vital to control benefits costs.
These include:
Employee Care Plus
Wellness Plans

You Are The Key

Your personalized help in choosing benefits is essential to employers.

Choice is bewildering, insurance is confusing, and benefits are expensive. Your knowledge and expertise can help them control costs and keep their employees happy. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just getting started, AHR can help you implement the long-term, sustainable benefits strategies employers need.

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