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Years In Business
Average claims turn-around time, in hours! (Monday-Friday)

Multi-Year Strategies to Reduce Benefits Costs, and

Improve Employee Satisfaction.

It’s Time for Long-Term Thinking.

Financial Strategies

Convert High Fixed Costs Into Lower Variable Costs and Manage them Effectively

Employers and employees save money by CHOOSING their benefits wisely

Tax Strategies

Offset Benefits Costs With An Effective Tax Strategy

Reduce taxes for both employers and employees

Employee Well-being Strategies

Healthy, Happy, Stress-Free Employees

Getting them there, and keeping them there, is the cornerstone of an effective benefits strategy

What Our Clients Are Saying About AHR:

You guys are great! You make it so easy for us, and we never get any complaints from our clients!- Steve (broker), NY
I love it how a real person answers the phone when I call, and everyone is always so nice!- Larry (client’s employee), ME
I had a baby and all of those bills made no sense to me, but you figured it all out and got them paid! THANK YOU!!!!!- Sharlene (client’s employee), TX
I can’t believe how fast you guys are! I sent my claim in yesterday afternoon, and the money was in my bank account this morning! Thank you!- Kevin (client’s employee), CA
I recommend you to all of my patients. What you do makes so much sense, and I wish everybody had this plan!- Dr. Nicholas (physician and client), LA
I was worried that our employees wouldn’t like this plan, but they love it! Thank you for taking such good care of us!- Dawn (client), IL



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